Philodendron Brandi
Philodendron Brandi
Philodendron Brandi
Philodendron Brandi
Philodendron Brandi

Philodendron Brandi

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The Brandi Philodendron (Philodendron brandtianum) is native to Columbia, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. This tropical climber looks stunning with its silvery accented leaves trailing from a hanging basket or climbing up a pole or trellis. Like most tropical plants it appreciates heightened humidity (although it will do just fine at standard household humidity) and it dislikes cold temperatures. Be sure to bring it inside when temperatures drop below 60˚ if growing outdoors.

Care Instructions:
Will do great in low light or bright light. Avoid direct light.

*Each plant is unique: size, shape and color and number of leaves may vary.

Shown in a 6” hanging pot.

**LOCAL PICKUP ONLY** (if fragile or large plant only)

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