FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

When will you ship my item(s)?

It is best for plants to ship Monday and Tuesday of the week. Other items that aren't plant related could be sent out other days of the week, but in general expect that your item will ship the following Monday or Tuesday. This is so the plant does not end up abandoned at the postal carrier over the weekend during travel. If you'd like your order to be sent out sooner, please select the expediting shipping option at checkout. If you miss this option before ordering, please email me at gardenistajax@gmail.com to request faster shipping and we will discuss other payment arrangements for expedited shipping cost, or, it may work out in my schedule that I can send faster without extra payment. Please contact me via email to discuss.

How long does shipping usually take to arrive?

Typically it takes 3-5 business days from the date of shipping for your package to arrive. Shipping delays are more common around the holidays so please keep that in mind when ordering. This little business cannot be held responsible for delays once the product leaves my care. You will be sent tracking information when your package is sent out, so please use that info to track arrival of your item. If there are delays, please contact either the Post Office or UPS with your tracking info for updates as I am unable to provide updates once the package has been mailed. You have the option of purchasing expediting shipping at checkout.

What is Plant Purchase Protection and how to do I get it?

ÔĽŅYou will have the option of adding Plant Purchase Protection (PPP) to your order at checkout when you select your preferred shipping method. For the additional $8, your entire plant order will be insured in case they arrive damaged due for any reason. A heat pack will be added if necessary to orders if your area, or the area the items are traveling through, are lower than 40 degrees. In order to be eligible for refund, please film unboxing video of you opening your delivery and show plants upon arrival one by one. If there are issues, please send this video to gardenistajax@gmail.com along with pictures of your damaged plants. Careful consideration will be made, and if the plant is still in stock, I will resend or issue a refund if requested instead. Please read more below regarding how to unbox your plant items.¬†


Where do you ship from?

Shipping is from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida which is a suburb near Jacksonville Florida. 

Do you offer local pick up?

Yes! Please contact us through email at gardenistajax@gmail.com or use the chat feature to arrange pick up. There's a huge porch patio set up in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida so it's best to schedule an appointment to see the selection and you can pay in advance and pick up or pay in person. 

How do you package plants?

Many plants are shipped semi-bare root which means they arrive without pot or much soil. To package semi-bare root plants, my process is to wrap the roots and some soil in moss and then wrap just that part in plastic to protect the roots and hold in some moisture. In general I do not ship moist plants because it is my experience that roots rot when packaged too wet or steam and bake in heat or freeze when too cold. It is best for roots to arrive on the drier side but some moisture is held in with the method of moss and plastic only on the part with roots. The rest of the plant is then protected with PolyFill cotton material for a white cloud of protection which protects the fragile stems and leaves. The whole plant is then wrapped in packing paper and placed in a box with padding materials like packing peanuts, air pockets and packing paper. Despite best efforts to protect plant for shipping, broken leaves or stems, or yellow or yellowing leaves are not frequent but possible.

Plant cuttings are packed on a cloud of PolyFill cotton and then wrapped and package similar to the above description. Cuttings are fragile without root systems so please note slight damage to the leaf is possible but as long as the node is in tact, your plant should make a new plant for you as long as it is given proper cared. This little business cannot guarantee that the cutting will root so utilize internet resources for best practices to root cuttings.

Plants still in nursery pots are topped with moss and then wrapped in plastic to contain dirt and prevent dirty and messy arrival but please keep in mind some loose dirt could happen. The plastic wrapped pot is then laid on a protective cloud of PolyFill cotton and then wrapped with packing paper to protect fragile leaves and branches. The bundle is then placed in a box with padding of some sort and taped to the bottom of the box to keep the heavier pot bottom from shifting during transportation. Despite best efforts to protect plant for shipping, broken leaves or stems are not frequent but possible.

How do you package fragile ceramic items?

Bubble wrap, styrofoam, packing peanuts, packing paper, cardboard and air pockets are all used to ensure safe arrival of your fragile items. Typically fragile ceramic items are first wrapped with bubble wrap, then with layers of packing paper and then placed in box with lots of styrofoam, cardboard, or packing peanuts or packing paper for extra protection. If multiple fragile items are packaged together, cardboard or styrofoam is used to separate items and provide extra protection. When fragile items and plants are packaged together, strategic layering is used to protect the plant from the weight of the ceramic items. When necessary, separate packaging is used to ensure the most successful and happy arrival of plants and planters. If there are issues with broken ceramic items, please contact the shipping courier to file a claim for mishandling. If there are issues with arrival of the plants, please provide unboxing video and pictures via email if you have also purchased plant purchase protection to request a refund.

Do you insure the life of the plants?

Unfortunately, no, this little business cannot be responsible for the life of the plant once it leaves my care. All plants are packaged with tender loving care but when they leave my location, there is no way of knowing how the plant is handled in the shipping process, nor can I be responsible for its care when received. Plant Purchase Protection is available and we *highly suggest it*! Once your plant arrives, it is up to plant parents to research the best care for the plant they purchased.

Do you offer shipping insurance or refunds?

Yes, we call it Plant Purchase Protection that will insure plants and this allows for the option of refund for the plants only. Plant Purchase Protection can be added when selection the shipping method at check out. Once the plant is picked up from our location, there is no way to know how it is handled unfortunately. We suggest the purchase of Plant Purchase Protection always. Many orders when over a certain weight, will have $50-$100 insurance with the postal carrier but the responsibility of filing a claim with the provider is up to the customer if there is damage to other items or the plants if Plant Purchase Protection is not purchased.

How is it best to open my package?

To be eligible for any sort of refund,  you must provide an unboxing video so it is suggested you have someone record you opening or set up your camera in a spot that can record you opening your package within 48 hours of delivery. I also suggest you open over a kitchen sink or somewhere like a garage because packing peanuts and styrofoam could make for a slightly messy opening. Plants will be wrapped in paper and plastic like the process described above. Please carefully remove the moss protecting roots so as not to damage the roots during removal. You can re-use this moss to propagate more plant babies. If your plant arrives in soil, please do not immediately re pot your plants as this will cause more shipping stress. It is best to wait at least a week or two for your plant to acclimate to its new environment. If your plant arrives semi-bare root, please pot in well draining soil and only water sparingly while it acclimates to its new environment. If your plant is a cutting, research propagation methods and use your favorite method when the end callouses over only. 

What do I need to do to be eligible for a refund or replacement?

Unfortunately if Plant Purchase Protection was not purchased for the plants, no refund or replacement will be provided. You will need to file a claim with the shipping courier instead using the tracking info you were provided when shipped. If plants are damaged and Plant Purchase Protection was purchased, please contact me via email at gardenistajax@gmail.com within 48 hours of delivery to submit your unboxing video and pictures to be eligible for a refund. In your email, please include which item(s) are damaged and how this little business can make it right. Although, refunds and replacements are not guaranteed, exceptions will be made when it is evident that a special circumstance has occurred. 

Products that are not plants are not eligible for a refund or replacement if arrive in original condition. We have included thorough details under each item description. If you have questions about the product prior to purchasing, please use the chat feature or email us at gardenistajax@gmail.com. If product arrives damaged, please file a claim with your shipping courier and send pictures to email provided.

What does the unboxing video need to include?

Video of the box unopened and process of opening and unpacking items is required to be eligible for a refund. Damage to the plant or ceramic item needs to evident while opening the package on video. Please also include lots of pictures. 

What does semi-bare root mean?

Semi-bare root means most soil and dirt has been shaken off of roots. This method for shipping plants is frequently used to help save on cost of shipping heavy dirt and also helps prevent messy arrival. Many plants are excellent shippers with this method. Plants that do not typically ship well this way are sent still in nursery pot. Please pay close attention to description of each plant you are ordering for details about whether the plant is shipped in pot or semi-bare root. 

How long do cuttings usually take to root?

This varies greatly according to the medium and method used. A wonderful trick to help your cuttings root faster is to add a cutting of Pothos to the same water because that plant releases a natural hormone into the water that helps other plants to root faster. Cutting survival and rooting is not guaranteed. Plants are living creatures and unfortunately sometimes don't survive despite your best efforts. Cuttings are an inexpensive way to test out a new plant but starting a plant without a root system is sometimes a challenge and not guaranteed for even the most experienced plant parent.

What do I do when my plant arrives?

Please record an unboxing video if you'd like to be eligible for a refund. I suggest you open over a kitchen sink or in a garage in case packing items are messy when opening. Please carefully unwrap your items and if plant arrives in pot with soil, please do NOT repot right away. It is important to allow your new plant baby to acclimate to its new environment. Shipping is stressful on plants and they have been taken from one environment and then put in another for a few days (the box) and then when arrives at your home is super important not to shock the plant even more by repotting with different soil. I suggest waiting about two weeks before changing your plants soil. If your plant arrives semi-bare root, I suggest you pot with well-draining potting soil with amendments like Perlite and Orchid Bark to add drainage and aeration. There are many recipes for DIY potting mix online that you might find useful that are specific to your new plant. 

Why do you not include care instructions with my plant order?

The internet is a fabulous resource for plant care. There are too many variables that affect plant care according to the state that you reside so I suggest you use the internet to learn more about best practice for care and light needs for your plant specifically for your area.

Should I re-pot my plant right away?

Please do not re-pot your plant right away if your plant arrives in soil and a pot. More is described about this process above. If your plant arrives semi bare root please use good draining soil to repot. 

What kind of soil should I use to pot my plant?

I suggest indoor potting soil with amendments like Perlite and Orchid Bark. Please utilize internet resources for a multitude of recipes for DIY potting mix that are best for your specific plant. 

How often should I water my plant? 

While all plants are unique, please note that it is my opinion that the biggest killer of most plants is too much water. I prefer not to suggest frequency of watering but instead suggest that you test the soil and allow your plant to show you signs needs water before watering. Signs to look for include: curling or wilting leaves, browning tips, or drooping or limp branches. This system does not work for all plants of course, but has proven to be the most helpful for advice for plant care in my experience. Please utilize the wealth of resources available on the internet to learn more about the specific care recommendations for your specific plant.

What kind of water should I use to water my plant?

My experience is that tap water is not good for many plants. My suggestion is to use Spring water or rain water to water your plants. If these aren't an option for you, I recommend you leave out tap water overnight in an open container so that all the harsh minerals and chemicals will become less severe for your plant. 

How often should I fertilize my plant?

Each plant is unique in terms of fertilization needs. Please utilize the internet for a wealth of resources on plant care including fertilization needs.

What do I do if leaves or stems are broken on my plant when it arrives?

Although I take great care when packaging your plant, it is normal for a leaf or stem to crack or break during shipping. Yellowing of leaves is also normal but infrequent. If this happens, please use sharp scissors to remove the broken or yellow part. The rest of the plant should recover nicely since doesn't have to provide energy to the broken or cracked part of the plant. Tip: if the broken part has a node, place in water and should root for you to make you another baby plant. If the main stem is broken, cut off the dead part and place in sunny location. As long as the root system is still good, the plant should recover and provide you with a new plant with time.

What do I do if my plant is wilted or curled when it arrives?

It is very common that your plant would have curled or wilted leaves as this is signs that the plant has dried out while boxed during shipping. This is better for the plant than sending too wet which can cause the plant to rot and no longer be viable. A dry plant will recover but I rotted plant will not. Provide your plant with some water but not too much. 

How can I request a refund or replacement?

See shipping and refund policies for more details. An unboxing video and pictures send to my email within 48 hours of delivery are required to be eligible for refund or replacement.

Why isn't my plant the same as in the picture(s)?

All pictures are meant to be representative of the plant you will receive but you will not be sent that exact plant as I ship hundreds of plants. My hope is to under promise and over deliver and you should be sent a plant that is close to the size pictured. Please keep in mind, all plants are unique and shape, proportion, and coloring could vary greatly.

Do you guarantee my plant will survive?

Plants are living beings and highly unpredictable. I do not guarantee plants will survive a certain number of days and cannot be responsible for the successful acclimation to your home environment once it leaves my care. I suggest you purchase Plant Purchase Protection to insure your plant arrives in good condition to give it best chances at survival possible. You will be sent a happy and healthy plant and responsibility is yours to research proper care. Plants are unique and individuals just like people and it is part of the fun of being a plant parent to learn and grow from successes and failures regarding plant care. 

Do I need to add a heat-pack to my order?

A heat pack is added to your order if necessary when you purchase Plant Purchase Insurance which covers your entire plant purchase and the cost of the heat pack. Heat packs are added for you when the temperature of your area, or the areas the packages will travel through, are lower than 40 degrees. Please note, your items are shipping from the state of Florida and must travel via the midwest to get to the East Coast for example. Heat packs are wonderful and regulate the temperature of your items for up to 72 hours or more. 

How do I contact the Post Office or UPS for an update about my item?

USPS: tools.usps.com

UPS: ups.com

What do I do if my order is delayed during shipping?

Contact your local courier for more information about your item if delayed.

How do I check tracking of my items? 

Utilize the internet to track your items with the tracking info sent to you via email.