Blue Daze
Blue Daze
Blue Daze
Blue Daze
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Blue Daze

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Dwarf Morning Glory (Evolvus Glomeratus), is also commonly called Blue Daze, in recognition of its beautiful blue flowers.  These gorgeous blooms tend to be short-lived, but replace themselves quickly, so you will never be lacking their beautiful color.

Care instructions: These flowers love a sunny spot, whether that’s in a window or outside in your garden.  They like to remain moist, but take care to not overwater, as they can be prone to root rot!

The Gardenista recommends using these for:

  • Container planting
  • Hanging baskets
  • Ground Cover

*Each plant is unique: size, shape and color and number of leaves may vary.

Some size options will ship semi-bare root. For more on what that means, see our FAQ.

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